Notes on Pearson Qualifications

Please see for the latest information on this.


This service from Pearson will not run in 2020, but did take place in 2019 and will continue to do so in future years.

There are some qualifications that when taken do not count in performance tables but include the same content as a smaller qualification which does count in performance tables.

It is our understanding that in this case, the awarding organisation will award the learner the larger qualification and the school will be credited with the smaller qualification which does count in performance measures. All qualifications that are affected by this are included in the BTECs tab in the approved list of qualifications.

Schools will need to check with Pearson which pupils will automatically receive a grade in smaller qualifications, and how the grade conversion will work (as the grade structure will be different between larger and smaller versions of the same qualification).

This is not something that 4Matrix can account for automatically and schools will need to remain vigilant on exam results day and check that all grades are present.  Users should also check Grade Analysis to ensure that the correct grade is counting for pupils affected by this scenario.



Article revised: 13/07/2020