Accessing 4Matrix from Outside School

There are several ways in which this can be achieved, and we have put together a document to help users decide on which option is best for their school. 

You can download the document from this link:

In-light of the current situation, we are extending the free-use period of 4Matrix Infinity for all schools until September 2020.

Import Fix

There is a fix available for an error which occurs when attempting to import data via a spreadsheet into an existing series in which results or custom field data has already been imported.

Please visit for more details.

 Can I move/transfer results between series?


There is not a function within 4Matrix which allows you to do this, but it can be achieved by exporting Results Overview and re-importing the grades into the desired series. Unwanted subjects and grades can be removed prior to re-importing.

Alternatively, you can duplicate a series and rename it using the Admin > Edit Series > Actions > Duplicate option.

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