Using 4Matrix over VPN

  • 4Matrix uses a file called Settings to determine which server and database to use. This is located in C:\Program Files\4Matrix. It is encrypted and you can only change the content using the 4Matrix Network Manager. It is possible to have more than one version of this file and 4Matrix will prompt which Settings file to use when launched.
  • Assuming that only the 4Matrix client application is installed on your laptop at the moment and it connects to the database when in school, go to C:\Program Files\4Matrix and duplicate the Settings file. Rename the duplicated version Settings#InSchool
  • Your IT dept. will now need to run through the 4Matrix Network Manager in school and change the Server name to the IP address which should be used for VPN connections. Once they have done this, they finish the wizard and click Re-Copy files (in the ribbon). They should navigate to the client files folder and they will see the newly created Settings file (as determined by the time stamp).
  • They will need to copy this file and give it to you – but you must rename it before placing it into your 4Matrix folder. Call it Settings#VPN. So, you should now have 3 settings files, the original version, plus two identified with a #, one of which contains the standard server name for use in school, and one which contains the server name as an IP address for accessing it outside of school. When you run Launcher.exe it should ask you which database (Settings file) you want to use, but it will only detect the # versions – obviously, when you’re outside of school, use the VPN version. The original Settings file must not be removed, it is still required for this process to work.
  • Finally, your IT Dept will need to go back through the 4Matrix Network Manager wizard and set the server name back to the actual name of the server. Click re-copy files, and this will put everything back to normal (ready for any new client installs).