Can I use 4Matrix on a Mac?

4Matrix is a Windows application and as such, cannot be installed on Apple devices.

There are 3 options available to Mac users. It is worth checking with your IT Dept. in school to ask if any of these options are already available to you:

1) 4Matrix Infinity is the web-front end to 4Matrix Desktop and is included with your licence. This is supported by most major web browsers, including Safari and Chrome. Note that this option is not suitable for 4Matrix Admin users because Infinity does not include the import and data management tools. For more information, please visit

2) Remote access to a PC or terminal server - this will allow the Mac user to use 4Matrix as if they were sat in front of the Windows machine.

3) Windows emulation software: If installed, it is possible to install 4Matrix Desktop directly on the Mac. Please note that we are unable to provide support for this option.


4Matrix Cloud, our fully web-based and hosted solution, will supersede all existing 4Matrix products in summer of 2023. This will provide a complete solution for PC, Mac and tablet users.


Last revised: 07/11/2022