4Matrix Infinity Setup: General Information and Features

Updated January 2022: 4Matrix Infinity is free for all schools with an active 4Matrix Desktop licence.


***The 4Matrix Desktop application is still required in order to import and manage your data. 4Matrix Infinity does not include the Admin tab. Please refer to this link for the latest information on making 4Matrix Desktop accessible from outside school***


Want to use 4Matrix Infinity? If your school uses 4Matrix Desktop simply submit a ticket asking for the 4Matrix Infinity installation instructions.

4Matrix Infinity brings the power of 4Matrix to the web. It allows users to access key features of 4Matrix from anywhere there is an internet connection. This can be via all major web-browsers and mobile devices, including iPads. 

4Matrix Infinity is designed to sit alongside the existing Windows application, installed on a server within school and linked to your existing 4Matrix database. No sensitive data can be accessed from outside the school network unless you choose to open up the Infinity site to the web. This provides schools with the flexibility to control how and where their data can be accessed and to help conform with new GDPR legislation.

There are over 16 tools across all key stages - for example, Progress 8, EBacc, Press Release and 'Assessment Without Levels' data entry. It also includes a brand-new Seating Plan tool. See below for the current full list of features.

Infinity will require certain features to be installed on a school's network. Once this is done, users will be able to navigate to a designated web-address such as www.myschool.org/4Matrix and login to Infinity with their usual 4Matrix credentials. The interface will seem familiar as we have tried to replicate the tools from 4Matrix Desktop as best we can, with the navigation menu perhaps being the most obvious change, which has moved from the top ribbon in the application to a new menu system to the left of the browser.

One of the main constraints of the application version of 4Matrix is that it can prove difficult to access from outside school - remote access software or terminal servers could be utilised, but neither of these approaches are ideal. Over the last few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in our user-base and this has subsequently increased the number of teachers and SLT that are required to use 4Matrix to aid with tracking and analysis. By taking 4Matrix online, we are opening up new possibilities for staff to access 4Matrix whenever and however they please.

4Matrix Infinity will support 2016 series and beyond - which means that Y11 in 2014/15 are not supported. We do not currently plan to support older cohorts but will instead look to improve the features for current and future cohorts. Please also note that the Welsh School option is not supported in BETA.

The tools that are included in 4Matrix Infinity as at January 2022 are as follows:


Key Stage 3


CDA Learning Layer

Pupil 'Card View' - links to AWL Pupil Breakdown Display (under development)

Seating Plans

NC level tools are not supported


Key Stage 4 (or any GCSE graded series)

Subjects Overview (New)

KPI Summary (New)


Progress 8

Progress 8 Charts


Threshold (English & Maths)

Subjects Summary

Results Overview

Pupil 'Card View' - links to Pupil Display

Seating Plans


Key Stage 5


Value Added

Results Overview

Subject Summary

Pupil 'Card View' - links to Pupil Display

Seating Plans


Plus - Admin users will see an Admin tool which allows them to manage user accounts.


Please note that 4Matrix Infinity is not a cloud-based solution, it will connect to the existing 4Matrix database.



Article revised: 27/01/2022