4Matrix Infinity Tools: Linking 4Matrix staff tags to user accounts

Staff Tag Management

'Staff Tags' are usually imported via a SIMS or Bromcom data extract into 4Matrix Desktop, but they can also be imported from spreadsheets, or created manually using the Admin > Manage Timetable tool.

The Staff Tags are stored in the Admin > Manage Timetable tool under the Staff section.


Using Filters in 4Matrix Infinity

When using 4Matrix Infinity, it is possible to filter the analysis tools by a class or group (and other parameters).

Unlike 4Matrix Desktop, Infinity will recall a user's filter settings across ALL tools, and between sessions as well. This means that a Maths teacher will only need to apply their Maths class filter once, and the settings will be recalled the next time they log in.


Using the 4Matrix Infinity Seating Plan

The Seating Plan works independently of the main groups filter settings. This means that the subject, group and staff settings are controlled directly from within the Seating Plan tool.

It is possible for all members of staff to create, access and edit a plan for any class or group.

When setting up, the user can select the 'staff tag', series and class/group name to create or view the plan for.

If any values appear to be missing from the options panel, the 4Matrix Admin user will need to check the subject and staff tag settings in 4Matrix Desktop. The 4Matrix Admin guide can assist with group setup, but please log a support ticket if you require assistance.


Article updated: 06/12/2018