Seating Plans: A Quick Guide

Setting Up

By default, Seating Plans will show the linked groups for the current series that the active user is associated with.

An error will be displayed if the logged-in user is not linked with a 'staff tag' in 4Matrix. This is because the Seating Plan tool does not know which classes/groups to show for the user. This can be corrected by 4Matrix Admin users, using the Manage Users tool to add a 'Staff' link against the user account, which is available in Infinity and 4Matrix Desktop.

Where a particular Seating Plan has not been accessed previously, all the pupils in that group will be auto-populated in a grid, along with an indicator for the front of the classroom.

Pupils and the Front of Class label can all be moved by clicking and dragging into position.


Controls: Drag & Drop functionality:

  • Drag & drop pupils from the left-pane onto the diagram (plan) and click on save in the right-hand tool bar 
  • To move around the plan, hold CTRL on your keyboard when moving the mouse
  • Available Options in top-right of plan panel: Undo, Redo, Center the plan , Zoom in and out, delete selected, print and save.
  • Keyboard shortcuts : Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste
  • Plan Header: manage the plan by changing the staff, series or group on the top left corner and manage the diagram options using the toolbar menu on the right
  • Templates: Three different templates are available 1) Pupil cards with all the details 2) Pupil cards with name & photo only 3) Pupil cards with names only


 ***Don't forget to click Save when you have finished making changes to your plan.***


Additional Fields and Details:

The additional fields in each pupil card consists of 8 boxes, which can all represent different data fields.

The two input boxes beneath the photo show current and target grades, the former of which is colour-coded according to whether the grade is on (green), above (purple) or below (red) the target, for the selected subject. The Target grade is always shown in blue.

The 6 fields which show to the side of each pupil photo can be populated with additional grade or contextual information, including Progress 8, Attainment 8, Pupil Premium, Free School Meals, Custom Fields, and more.


Controls: Adding/Finding Additional Pupils

It is possible to add pupils to a plan which are not included in the group by default, and add pupils back in to the plan if they have been accidentally removed. This can be done by dragging and dropping pupils from the left-hand menu into the plan.

Left hand panel explained:

1) From Group(W)/In Plan(X) -  W is the total no. of pupils in the chosen group. X denotes the total no. of pupils in the selected plan.

2) From Series(X)/In Plan(Y) - X denotes the total no. of pupils in the selected plan. Y is the total no. of pupils in the active series.

Search for 'pupil cards' in the left pane by expanding each section and scrolling. You can also search by typing a name and the pupil list will filter as you type. To reset the filter, empty the text and click on search again.



***Don't forget to click Save when you have finished making changes to your plan.***


Article updated: 01/04/2019