Accessing 4Matrix from Outside School

There are several ways in which this can be achieved, and we have put together a document to help users decide on which option is best for their school. 

You can download the document from this link:

In-light of the current situation, we are extending the free-use period of 4Matrix Infinity for all schools until September 2020.

Import Fix

There is a fix available for an error which occurs when attempting to import data via a spreadsheet into an existing series in which results or custom field data has already been imported.

Please visit for more details.

 GDPR Compliance Information


Please refer to this article in the first instance:

We are registered with ICO and we believe that our procedures are generally compliant with Data Protection requirements. We will continue to update our policy and processes as we seek to implement the full requirements of the GDPR as they develop.

Our current Data Protection policy and procedures are described in our Terms and Conditions at particular, Section 9 refers to privacy and data protection.

Our position is simplified by virtue of the fact that as a company we sell schools the data system called 4Matrix, but, under normal circumstances we do not see a school’s data. Hence the policies and practice regarding data protection as it applies to the data entered into 4Matrix by a school, is mostly an issue for the school. This is an equivalent position to Microsoft selling a Word Processor or Spreadsheet application to a user, but having no control, or sight of, the data which users might enter into these software products.

The information which we hold is limited to the information which is provided by a school in placing an order for 4Matrix. The main information that we hold on file is effectively a mailing list of contact persons for each school which has placed an order for 4Matrix.

The information on this list is stored by us during the licence period and for a period of three years after the end of this period for accounting purposes and then deleted.

Our position is made simple by virtue of the fact that as a company we sell schools the data system but, under normal circumstances, we do not see a school’s data. GDPR is therefore mostly an issue for the school.

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