Key Features of 4Matrix

What differentiates 4Matrix from other products?


There are some fundamental features that distinguish 4Matrix from other similar products, including:


1) Data Protection - Data that is imported into 4Matrix is hosted by the school. We never see it, unless we're providing remote support or training

2) Data Processing - It can take less than 2 minutes to import a series of tracking/results data into 4Matrix. No need to send data outside of school and wait for it to be processed!

3) MIS Extracts - 4Matrix includes powerful data extraction tools for SIMS and Bromcom, designed for easy importing on exam results days. Spreadsheet imports are also supported

4) Photo Reporting - Pupil photos can be imported into 4Matrix and there are a range of reports that can be produced from these, from 'difference from target' reports to exam results certificates

5) Whole-School Analysis - You get the full suite of tools for each key stage (3, 4 and 5!) as part of the standard licence. No need to purchase add-ons or bundles!

6) The 4Matrix Approach - 4Matrix supports the work of the knowledge-driven, self-evaluating school, with advanced tools for undertaking research into teaching and learning

7) After-Sales Service - With an extensive range of guides, videos, knowledgebase articles, ticketing support service and emergency phone support, you can be sure that you're in safe hands. This is all included as part of the standard licence as well! 

8) The 4Matrix Team - We're an ambitious team with a sharp focus on developing the best tools for schools. Some of our support agents are also active Data Managers/Data Consultants and our customer service is second to none.


There is more information about our main features below;

Tracking at Key Stage 3 and ‘Assessment Without Levels’ (CDA)

Our new ‘KS3 Curriculum Design and Assessment System’ (CDA) provides a set of tools for designing a first-class curriculum at key stage 3, and an easy-to-use method of formative assessment.  It is designed to be customisable to every school’s approach to AWL. 

We believe this system offers the most effective approach to Assessing Without Levels – and it comes at no extra cost for 4Matrix users!

We have a library of example Schemes of Work for every subject at 

The presentation which we gave at the recent SSAT Data Leaders conference can be seen at 


The most powerful tool on the market for evaluating Progress 8

We have recently added a range of new tools to the Progress 8 (P8) feature, and when used with our compound filter tool, this provides the most powerful tool available to investigate this major performance indicator.

The Progress 8 tool includes a feature to change a pupil's grade in any subject and see the effect this has on their P8 score (and the school's score) in real-time.

We have also created a new modelling function to allow schools to explore their situation regarding P8 and the parameters which influence it.


Our ‘English and Maths Threshold’ school Performance Indicator

The English and Maths Threshold tool was originally unique to 4Matrix, in terms of the design/layout and the functionality that the tool encompasses. 

 It allows schools to fully explore this important new performance indicator, will the ability to adjust the threshold grade, and create 'research groups' and photo reports for any defined group of pupils.


Value Added at Key Stage 5

Our KS5 Value Added tool is based on the latest DfE documentation and resources. It can be used as a predictive tool for current cohorts, providing scores at pupil, subject and school level.

Process your A level and GCSE results in minutes

You can create a whole range of reports in minutes - see for examples.


Article revised: 28/02/2019